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Muskegon Film Festival – Day 1

Muskegon Film Festival – Day 1

Dan and I just got back from the Muskegon Film Festival. It was one hella good time. Kudos to all the film makers that had their films on display. I’ll give a quick run down of the movies we watched and my opinions.

Session A

Feel X – This was a German movie based on a time continuum glitch. I thought it was brilliant. Not only was this film technically well done, but the directing was superb. The cinematographer showed very good use of the camera by allowing it take part in the movie. It really added to the intensity of the action. A-

Blue Bayou – This was basically an animation set to the song Blue Bayou. Animation is a technical nightmare, so I don’t want to be too harsh, however the quality of the animation was still in its infancy on this project. The co-director came on stage after the shows and we got to do a little question/answer session. What we discovered is that the film used two teams (3d team/2d team) and communication was the toughest part of the process – which took a good 7 months to get the film in shape enough for the festival. C+

He-man Women Haters – This film was…well…from a technical standpoint it was a complete disaster. The sound was bad, the acting was so-so, and the cinematography broke nearly every rule in the book (not that that’s always a bad thing). One of the characters, Bones, was reminiscent of American Pie’s Stiffler – He swore a lot and acted like a complete retard. He did it well I’ll admit; he was the best actor of the movie. Mostly, it was a hodgepodge of stories loosely held together by a cast of friends. There were a few very funny sections of dialogue that made me laugh “really” hard, however, this movie needed a much better storyline for the 82 painful minutes of its length. D+ (The + was for the funny dialog)

Session B

Somebody’s Watching Me – A funny short about two guys who install a home security system at a hot chick’s house. One of the guys gets a little infatuated with this girl and her underwear draw. There was actually no dialogue at all in this short, just a techno soundtrack. All the characters wore these latex masks with big, unblinking eyes painted on. It gave the whole film a very unique look and feel. Almost reminded of a rock video for the Blue Man group. Thumbs up on the technicals here. Good use of the camera and the story was to the point and entertaining. B

The Return Of Peg Leg Pete – A short about a pirate with a peg leg trying to find work in today’s modern world. This film had some great slapstick moments that made me laugh out loud. There was one scene in particular where the director uses some great foreshadowing that incorporates Pete’s peg leg and a ladder: Very well executed. Again, this film incorporated no dialog at all, but opted instead for a Mr. Beanish set of grunts and grumbles by the main character. I think Mr. Bean is pretty damn funny, so I liked this short. Technically well done in both camera work and sound. B

Tattoo – This was a great movie. It was also obviously the movie with the biggest budget of all the movies we watched. It was a romantic comedy about an overweight biker guy who owns a tattoo parlor, a young, super hot, 3rd grade teacher/control freak and their unlikely relationship. It sounds hokey, I know, but the script was great, the acting was great, the camera work and sound…you guessed it, GREAT! This movie was big screen material in my opinion. Well, unless you don’t like romantic comedy. What can I say, it touched my feminine side. A


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February 4, 2005 at 11:11 pm

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