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Project Greenlight update

The screenplay and directors have been chosen. Looks like Feast is the screenplay winner, it looks like fun little monster movie. Here’s a link to the script.

John Gulager won the director contest. I strongly suggest checking out his submission. Great lighting and camera work, very “different”. Though, I think the choice may have been a mistake, he’s a very odd character. Directors need more then vision, they need to work with a team of people to create that vision. I don’t know it Gulager is up for the job. With that I also understand that the editing might be suspect. Sometimes they make people look a lot different then they really are just to add to the drama.

They also keep saying crap like “if we don’t make money this year, we can never do this again.” I wonder about that. They get a whole season for PGL for what? a million or two? They’ve got no actors to pay, no scripts to write. Seems like PGL is a cheep show to produce. Sure they haven’t made any money on the movies, but do they really need to?

Let’s do the math? Let’s assume 30K for a 30 second ad (I have NO idea what this really would be, so I’m assuming a lot), 3 minutes a break (or 6 30 second spots), 3 breaks a show, 13 shows.

$30,000 x 6 spots x 3 breaks x 13 shows = $7,020,000

Plus any product placement (although, I haven’t seem any yet). I realize this is not a huge sum for a TV show, but it’s not chump change either. If the spots are $40,000 the number goes to over 9 million. My guess is that as long as Ben and Matt, stay with the project, it will continue. I don’t need the guilt trip to go see the movie when it’s done. Thanks anyway.


Written by Dan

March 22, 2005 at 10:33 am

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