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CMU International Film Fest

Quick update. Dan and I went to the CMU International Film Festival. When we got there we discovered something interesting: An international film festival is NOT an independant film festival. You learn something new everyday.

Anyhow, we caught a showing of “His Secret Life” before we took off, as we really have more interest in movie shorts vs foreign language, full length features. The movie was very good. The story is about a woman who loses her husband to an auto accident (The guy gets creamed by a car ala Meet Joe Black). Unfortunately, the sfx for the accident was absolutely horrible. In fact, the whole audience laughed when he got hit because it looked so stupid. Anyhow, she discovers that he was leading a double life and had a gay lover on the side. Aside from the bad sfx and slow start, the movie was well done, well acted, and, if you know anything about the gay community, it gave a really good look into their culture. I’ll will slap the chick flick sticker on this one, however. But, I give it a solid B. If it were done in english (it’s subtitled), I’d have given it a B+.


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April 14, 2005 at 9:11 am

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