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Many “movie” people poo-poo me when I say I don’t like subtitles. They say you don’t get the tone or inflection of the original actors, and the subtitles are a better translation.


  1. The dub actors can be very good.
  2. The tone and inflection of a different culture could lead you to misread the actors.
  3. The subtitles are abbreviated, they need to be short enough to read quickly. You actually get a LESS accurate translation (try watching an English dubbed movie with the English subtitles turned on, Crouching Tiger is an excellent example).
  4. I like to watch the MOVIE!!! I don’t think I can get as involved in a movie if I’m always looking at the bottom of the screen reading subtitles (that’s what people make books for).

Please feel free to poo-poo me yourself, but you’ll still be wrong.


Written by Dan

April 14, 2005 at 11:01 am

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