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New Camera

I�m not totally sure this is the right blog for a review of a still camera, but I�m going to do it anyway. I got a Canon PowerShot DS400 yesterday, and damn it�s a nice camera.

It�s friggin tiny, almost too small, but not quite. 5 mega pixels (2592×1944), and a 640×480 movie mode. The video is avi compressed with motion JPG CODEC, audio is PCM. So far Windows Media Encoder puked on it, but VirtualDub seems to be fine. The only problem I have is that it seems to drop frames. One option is a 60fps capture mode, although it�s only 320×240. I�m really happy with this camera and I�m sure it�ll be great for capturing test footage and pics for storyboards.


Written by Dan

May 5, 2005 at 1:34 pm

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