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Waterfront Film Festival

Mike reported this from the field at this years Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, MI.

Weather: Hot and muggy then it rained and got a little better
Venues: Forums/Seminars/Panels are in the highschool now so A/C 🙂
The boat warehouse is still the main/biggest screen
The community arts building has screen 2
The highschool has screen 3

Films and what percentage I saw:

Wild Guys
30 – 50%
rating: 3/5
generic guy buddy film/comedy.

Funny Farm (panel discussion)
rating: 3/5
interesting but at times it felt more like a sales pitch for the films
each of the panelist was in or was about. Great guest selection.

March of the Pengquins
rating: 3.5/5
the year in the life of penquins. Great photography. Morgan Freeman’s narration is good but some times the mellowness of his voice gets lost. Some more scientific information about the penquins would have been nice.

Laura Smiles
rating: 2/5
didn’t make much sense coming in as late as I did but it just felt rather pointless. The increasing dementia of a nyphomaniac house wife.

Raising Genius
rating: 2/5
the struggle between a mother who wishes to find recognition through her genius son and her son who just wants to complete is latest formula and theories based on the girl next doors trampoline activities. Wendy Maloc (sp? Nina form Just Shoot Me) was the mother character and honored guest at the festival. Movie was poorly shot, editied, and the script really just didn’t stay focused. Essentially, good talent was wasted.

Propaganda: The art & crimes of Ron English
rating: 3/5
documentary about billboard vandle/activist/artist Ron English. Interesting but not very substantive. A good showcase for his works and his robin hoodesque billboarding.

rating: 5/5
Documentary about quadraplegic rugby. Truely great documentary story telling about truely inspiring people.

Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story
rating: 4.5/5
Mockumentary about the return of Bobby Dukes after the end of his 10 year ban from paintball due to wiping. The script is adlibed with scripted plot points making it wonderfully quirky and realistic. All of the major paintball stereo types are covered. The paintball sequences are shot perfectly – feels like your really in the middle of a good paintball match. The only reason I didn’t rate 5/5 is that as a farce it just doesn’t have the heart of murderball.


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June 14, 2005 at 8:17 am

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