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Testing…testing…is this thing on?

Over the weekend we got a few of the crew together to do some shooting. I had whipped up a quick short and storyboard for the occasion and we set off to make some entertainment. My main purpose was to test out my sound rig, since sound has been one of those things that has been really annoying us in the past. Unfortunatley, our tech head couldn’t be there (sorry Mike). We also just wanted to get some more time behind the camera and acclimate ourselves to working together before the big competition.

I had a simple vocal mic hooked into a 4 channel mic mixer that the wife had bought me years ago. That unit hooked up into the camera. Now, we did only have one mic, and didn’t necessarily need the mixer, however, the intent is to get more mics and mix them all down to the camera. Anyhow, we had very good success, however, we did realize the importance of mic placement. Since we really can’t afford to buy remote lapel mics for everyone, and we certainly can’t afford to go wireless, that means we had to be conscious of where all the mic cables were (which usually meant they were shut in the car door).

We filmed for a about 2 hours and got about 30 minutes of footage. I hit the editing room that night and discovered that, all in all, the mic test was successful. I was very happy with the quality of the sound that we “can” achieve. We didn’t get in all the scenes, but we have a much better feel for how to get it right now. During editing, I realized the importance of getting white noise. You need something to help make your sound consistent.

So, with all that said I’ll extract the important thing I learned:
1) Use headphones when filming.
2) Use a mic for capturing dialog.
3) Get some whitenoise from all of your environments.
4) Oh, and I almost forgot this one: Shiny surfaces suck. Watch for the camera man in the car door 🙂

Here is the end result of the session: Stranger.

note: Well, I just listened to the streaming version of the movie, and the dialog doesn’t sound nearly as good as it did when I didn’t stream the file. It’s the same damn file, so hell if I know, but honest, it sounded good.


Written by Sterling

June 27, 2005 at 9:25 am

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  1. A circularly polarized filter for the camcorder will get rid of the shiny problem for the most part.



    June 28, 2005 at 10:31 pm

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