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Bruce Campbell does Grand Rapids

Bruce “don’t call me Ash” Campbell gave a really good speech and Q&A session at the Wealthy Street Theatre in Grand Rapids. He did a book signing for “Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way” before hand, but then he went on to talk about support of local theatres and independent films. I highly recommend the book, if only to learn what a shakey cam is! Great idea, I wonder if he and Sam are the ones who came up with that idea?

He is very outspoken and didn’t pull any punches. He railed on Hollywood and the fact that all the mainstream movies are fast becoming the new B movie genre. He railed on all the remakes, making a great point of the fact that original ideas are shunned by all the big wigs. He also railed on the idiots in the crowd who, in their moment to shine, asked incredibly retarded questions like:

Please, God. Tell us that Stiffler is not going to play Ash in Evil Dead 5.

To the delite of the crowd, Bruce replied:

You’re an idiot.

After fielding a slew of other questions, some good, most bad, we proceeded with the film ‘The Man With the Screaming Brain” – Starring Bruce. Ted Raimi was in it as well as a few other familiar faces, but no one I could actually name. Come to find out, the script was written by Bruce and then retooled to be shot in Bulgaria. Why Bulgaria? Because the film crew was making a whopping $110 a month (a.k.a. cheap labor).

All in all, I’m very impressed with Bruce, atleast what I saw of his public face. He seems pretty down to earth. The only downer of the whole evening was what he signed in my book. It simply said:

Hey Sterling.

But, since he had to sign books and other memorabilia for a good two hours, I guess I’ll cut him some slack. This time!!


Written by Sterling

July 25, 2005 at 10:00 am

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