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Finally, a real person

Hey all our fan…yes, that’s singular on purpose 😉 Just wanted to make a quick update about what’s been going on at Roxor Media. As you can well see Dan and I are boring full steam into an ooey, gooey pile of Podcasts. What the hell, we are a media company after all. Well, I also realize that we’ve been skimping on movie/video content, and since we started as a garage-film making act I thought I should post something along those lines. Without further adieu here we go.

You never know where you are going to run into someone who’s in the business of making movies. I was in Detroit this weekend (okay, one of the rich suburbs) and ran into a guy, Mark, from San Diego who was visiting the great state of Michigan. He and a friend run a website that hosts a series of movies called The Adventures of Mark and Matty. They did a great job on the technicals and the series has action, adventure, comedy and pirates! I highly recommend you check out their site and watch the series of movies they’ve done.

Mark was with his cousin ( I apologize for not remembering names here as I’d had a few drinks by this time ) and he’s moving with his family to L.A. in pursuit of an already budding video/film career. So, I want to offer a good luck shout out to him and his dreams. Oh, and he’s a fellow Western Grad, go Broncos!

And on a final note, I found something oh so sweet for you screenwriters. I stumbled across an incredible tool for you called celtx. Celtx is a collaborative screenwriting tool that runs in a firefox browser (can anyone say cross platform?). It’s still in beta, but it’s gonna be big. Really big. I’ve already moved all of my scripts up there and I’m loving it. Aside from a few bugs that they are working on as we speak, the whole package is intuitive and looks great. I’ve tested the software on both windows and linux (fedora core 4) and it seems to be working great.

Until next time, good filming!


Written by Sterling

September 21, 2005 at 9:49 am

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