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Almost Famous

Dan and I hit the Waterfront Film Festival this past weekend. It was an incredible festival this year and jam packed to boot. We caught three shows which included six short films , In Memorium, and The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang.

The short films was fun for the fact that the only place you’ll ever get to enjoy them is at a film festival. They just don’t show up anywhere else. The two shows that really stuck out in my mind was the animated Dear Sweet Emma and The Method.

The showing of Sasquatch was the Midwest premiere and it was a lot of fun. If you’re an 80s kid then you’ll like this show a lot. If you’re an 80s kid and an dork you’ll LOVE this show. We had a short meet and greet with the writer/director, two of the producers and two of the lead actors after the show as well. Dan has the footage and eventually we’ll get a killer docu-short from him so you can experience what it was like to be there.

For now though, y’all will have to suffice with a picture posted up no the Holland Sentinel website. We’re famous…almost.


Written by Dan

June 12, 2006 at 10:43 am

Posted in festivals, films, movies

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