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Dojo busting

*start rant*
I’m not a fan of dojo busting, I think it’s disrespectful and ignorant (can’t you sense the impending but?), but… The Systema guys make me crazy. It’s not that I don’t think it’s a legitimate martial art (whatever that means), it’s the promises they’re making. I get the impression that many of the sub-systems within Systema are trying to advertise that they are comparable to Krav Maga, MCMAP, or Silat Sharaf. I’ve met and worked out with some of these guys, they seem a little psychotic, and take the practical nature of their arts very seriously.

I’ve ranted about this before in Martial Arts Stuff Ep 10, but it grinds my gears every time I see it. And maybe I’m way off base. You never know if you think something sucks because your too ignorant to see it, or too smart to be taken by it. I’ve got to believe that after being in the martial arts for 25 years, I can smell bull shit when I step in it. I’ve never had a problem with the arts that are “less than” combat oriented, but it’s dangerous to sell someone self defense that won’t work when when they need it to.

  • end rant*

Written by Dan

April 2, 2009 at 8:00 am