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Firearms in the Martial Arts

I did a study on guns for my black belt test in SYD (it seems like many moons ago now). I pulled out the curriculum for the little shindig over in Iowa and remembered that I had actually written a little statement about guns and the martial arts. But, before you read on, know this, I’m a finger on the trigger nazi. If you forgot everything you ever learn about firearms just keep this one thing in your brain. KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER…until you’ve aquired a target.

Keep your fniger off the trigger

Even when injured severely, his finger is "off" the trigger.

Firearms in the Martial Arts

The role of the firearm is becoming increasingly more substantial in our society. As martial artists, the modern firearm, like any other combat tool, cannot be left out of our arsenal. Firearm is a broad category that covers many different weapons. Specifically, I will be covering hand guns and how they can be safely trained with, and incorporated into ones martial practices.

I feel it is important for any martial artist to be aware of firearms and safe firearms handling since firearms are a common tool used today by many people; both good and bad. Firearms are just as common as knives, sticks and other weapons and should not be neglected in our training. The curriculum that I’ve defined will, over the progression of five levels, cover a variety of gun handling topics starting with safe gun handling. The training will progress onward to cover various stances, shooting from a draw, tactical reloading, and night time shooting. At its culmination, it will cover using a firearms in a close quarters encounter.

Mental & Physical Awareness

Due to the extreme range of a firearm working with one requires some extra special mental preparedness, as well as even more highly attuned body awareness. A knife, for example, can be just as deadly as a firearm. However, accidentally cutting yourself with a knife will rarely lead to lethal injury. The chances of obtaining a lethal wound from an accidental discharge of your firearm are much greater. You should never allow the muzzle of your firearm to cross over any part of your body.

Similarly, you should always be aware of where your muzzle is pointing. With a knife, merely pointing it at someone will carry a slim possibility of wounding said person. Pointing a firearm at someone, however, can prove very deadly with a simple pull of the finger whether that trigger pull be purposeful or accidental. Be aware of what or who your muzzle is crossing when you move it.

When using a weapon you are often instructed to not forget that you also have many other weapons. Just because your holding a stick, doesn’t mean you should forget that you have another hand and two feet. While this is an excellent mindset, I will propose a slightly different twist when working with a firearm: Always be aware that you are holding a firearm.

If you forget for just one instant, it could change your life forever.


Written by Sterling

March 24, 2009 at 9:56 pm

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